Sea Running, Andrew Wyeth, 1982

Dear Henry,

I tried to restrain myself, holding my thoughts... however, your questions kept me awake. And Father Francis upon noticing it, decided to made use of his persuasive powers, so that I would show him your letter. Once I did so, he gave me an answer and his words still puzzle me so. I write them as they were spoken to me: For that which befalleth the sons of man; For that hath man preeminence above beast and not beast above man; For that, shall the sons of man succumb, since the pains of the body are the pains of the soul. For all is vanity and decay within what is corporeal. For the sons of man walk unto the same place. And what hast come from dust, to dust belongs and to dust, all shall return.

February 11th, 1920.

Mary Elizabeth

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